Breakthrough UK Statement on Black Lives Matter

Breakthrough UK Statement on Black Lives Matter

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Breakthrough UK is a Manchester based disabled people’s organisation. We are led by disabled people, and we support other disabled people to work and live independently.

Breakthrough stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement protesting the appalling murders of George Floyd and others, institutional racism and wider injustices faced by BAME communities in the UK and overseas.

We are committed to the full inclusion of all citizens and to working collaboratively to end all forms of systemic oppression and intersectional discrimination.

We recognise the particular exclusion, invisibility and multiple disadvantage faced by BAME disabled people. We commit to addressing these and dismantling privilege within our own working practices.

Within the co-design of Breakthrough’s projects and influencing priorities, we will continue to work alongside BAME disabled people to understand their lived experience – not only of disabling barriers, but also of racism and structural inequality, and how these intersect.

We will continue to learn and reflect on our own need to change as an organisation – our own attitudes and assumptions – identifying where else we can address exclusion and contribute to lasting social change.

Actions we will take:

  1. We will be bold and visible in challenging racism in all its forms.
  2. We will collaborate with partners across all sectors to tackle intersectional and institutional discrimination.
  3. We will strengthen our links with BAME organisations to understand and act on key issues.
  4. We will support the capacity of self-organised BAME-led groups of disabled people locally wherever we can.
  5. We will continue to promote the concept of Independent Living of disabled people in a diverse cultural context.
  6. We will promote greater representation of BAME disabled people across all our communication channels and within our evidence base for influencing change.
  7. We will better understand our staff make up and development opportunities so that we can consider targeted stretch opportunities and coaching for BAME and disabled staff.
  8. We will assist all our stakeholders – including staff, volunteers, clients, Board and funders – to learn through accessible information how to identify and eliminate racist and other discriminatory practices.

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