Disabled People's Identity and Pride Virtual Workshop

We will be holding a virtual workshop on the topic of disabled people’s identity and pride at Manchester Histories Digifest 2020 on Saturday 5th September at 10am – 11am. 

Breakthrough was founded by disabled people with a very strong identity, rooted in the Social Model of Disability – and in disabled people’s collective campaigning in Manchester and beyond. This workshop will explore disabled people’s sense of identity and pride. It has been set up by Breakthrough, but the session will be about your views and experiences.

Objectives of this workshop:

  • To explore what you think about the identity of a “disabled person” and “disabled people”.
  • To find out what encourages and what discourages people to identify as a disabled person.
  • To share experiences and support around our identities as disabled people.
  • To identify the current threats to disabled people’s identity and what this means for disabled people and our campaigns.

We hope that this conversation will form part of a bigger project Breakthrough are exploring about disabled people’s sense of identity and pride.

The workshop is open to disabled people and people with impairments/health conditions who are based in Manchester. A British Sign Language interpreter will be available.

Please book via Eventbrite at the link below and contact us if you require assistance to do this:



For assistance with booking through the above link

Phone: 0161 234 3950

Text Service: 07939 943383

Email: admin@breakthrough-uk.co.uk

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