Employment Support (Easy Read)

If you are a person with learning difficulties in Manchester who would like support to get a job, you can get in touch with us.

A Breakthrough Client says:

“Working means I’m learning new things – it builds your confidence, is good for your health and you make new friends! I could not have done it without Breakthrough”

You can also speak to us if you would like more information on what we do.

You can phone us on 0161 234 3950, email us at admin@breakthrough-uk.co.uk, text us on 0793 994 3383 or drop in to our office in person.

We support people with learning difficulties to find work and live their own lives.

This means we look at your own goals for finding work.

Disabled people can face a lot of barriers. This can make it harder for them to find work.

We will help you to live your own life. We will find ways to get rid of the barriers together.

We also give support to employers.

Our help for disabled people includes the following:

  • Your own adviser
  • Help to get into college or training
  • Finding work and voluntary work, as well as in-work training
  • Training on what the Social Model of Disability is, as well as the 12 pillars of independent living

We also run a training course to increase your skills.

This is called The Pathway.

The Pathway has two different courses. Both of them last for 8 weeks and have weekly group meetings.

The first course is on independent living skills.

The second course is on pre-work skills. This means working on skills needed to get ready to start a job.

People at the groups talk about their own needs, goals and the barriers that they need to get past.

We support them to use their own life experiences to help one another too.

Pathways is paid for with money from a group called the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales.

We make sure that disabled people we work with do not just find a job. They also find one that they can do and want to do.

This is very important part of people having a choice and control over their own lives.