Employment Support

“Working means I’m learning new things – it builds your confidence, is good for your health and you make new friends! I could not have done it without Breakthrough”

If you are an individual and think you might benefit from our support, you can phone us to self-refer on 0161 234 3950, text us on 0793 994 3383 or email us at admin@breakthrough-uk.co.uk,

If you are an organisation and wish to refer someone for employment support, please only do this via our referral form.

Breakthrough Employment Support Officer Tony Hassall







We are funded by Manchester City Council Learning Disability team to provide person-centred support for people who consider themselves to have learning difficulties to find work and live independently. This means we focus on the goals and barriers when each individual client identifies for themselves.

Clients can face a wide range of disabling barriers which make it harder for them to find long-term employment in a situation that works for them. We will support them to increase their independence and to navigate and remove these barriers.

This support is provided in a variety of ways, to employers and well as would be employees, including:

  • One to one support from a dedicated adviser
  • Supporting clients into education or training
  • Work and voluntary placements, and in-work training
  • Training on the Social Model of Disability and independent living

Download our Employment services leaflet and flyer using the links below.



We also run a custom-made training course to develop essential skills and provide peer support, called The Pathway.

We make sure people we work with don’t just find work, but they find work which is sustainable, which they want to do, as part of a situation in which they can live independently.

Take a look at our Employment Training and Volunteering information here https://www.breakthrough-uk.co.uk/employment-training-volunteering