Important Announcement from Breakthrough

Breakthrough UK is Manchester’s disabled people’s organisation.

We started in 1997 and are run by disabled people.

Lots of disabled people have worked with us to get real jobs and to live independently over the last 25 years.

“Breakthrough get you the job you want” said one client.

Sadly, we have to tell you that we have lost a lot of funding.

We have had to stop running employment support services.

This also means that we would not be able to survive on our own for more than a year.

Because of this, from 1st April 2023 we will be joining into a partnership with the Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People (GMCDP).

This is called a Contract-Based Alliance.

Breakthrough and GMCDP will continue to be completely separate organisations.

This partnership will give us a safe place to build ourselves up again.

Over the next year we will mainly be speaking out for change. We will be making sure that organisations listen to the experiences of disabled people.

We will not be able to run many services for disabled people in the next year. We are very sorry about that.

From April, our only service will be community connecting with disabled people who live in the North of Manchester.

We will also be saying goodbye to lots of great staff members.

This includes our Chief Executive Michele Scattergood who is retiring.

Thank you for supporting Breakthrough.

We are hopeful for the future and are not going away.

You can download a more detailed version of this announcement at this link (Word)

2 thoughts on “Important Announcement from Breakthrough

  1. Such a huge shame. As a former employee I am aware of the great work that Breakthrough UK does to work with people with disabilities to ensure they have a voice and their exceptional employment services to support disabled people to develop their full potential at work.
    Hoping that funding is found to re establish these vital services.

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