Jay's Talent Match story

A gradual weekly meeting with a Breakthrough Talent Match Coach led client Jay to the self confidence he needed to find a job he loves.

Jay said: “I couldn’t leave the house, I was very afraid to go out, but then I met Richard through the JobCentre.”

To build up confidence Talent Match Coach Richard Phillips encouraged Jay to meet him once a week in a nearby McDonald’s, to get used to leaving the house.

Jay added: “It was terrifying and horrible at first. But then I started to come to terms with realising the world wasn’t against me.”

Unemployed for around three years before working with Talent Match at Breakthrough, Jay built up the confidence and skills to get a job with Trafford Housing Trust, as part of the CleanStart team.

Jay said: “I’ve been with Trafford Housing Trust around eight months now; I visit the properties and keep them clean. I’m there five days a week and I love it – the people are really nice.”

Trafford Housing Trust Coach Coordinator Jackie Baxter, who supports Jay, said: “Jay has grown so much confidence in the time I have known him. He works well within a team and uses his own initiative.

“I have had good feedback from his supervisor and he has progressed since I have worked here.”

After expressing an interest in learning joinery, he was recently given the opportunity to go on work experience with the organisation’s repair team and went out with them on their rounds.

Talent Coach Richard said: ““Jay has done amazingly well in transforming his life – in a very short amount of time too! Anything he does he does with enthusiasm and commitment, showing bravery to push out of his comfort zone and learn new things.

“He is very keen to progress on with his career and I have no doubt that he will be a success whatever he goes into after CleanStart. “