Long COVID Peer Support Project

Long Covid is a new health condition. Long Covid is used to describe a range of symptoms people experience weeks or months after they recover from Covid-19. Some people have reported experiencing several symptoms; others report just one or two. No-one knows how many people are living with Long Covid in this country or across the world. For many people living with Long Covid peer support has been crucial to managing this new condition.

The fact that disabled people can face barriers accessing health information and support is not new. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased these barriers for many disabled people. In recognition of this, NHS Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group has funded work around Long Covid for disabled people. Breakthrough UK is pleased to announce their involvement with this Long Covid Peer Support Project. Breakthrough’s previous work building relations with individual disabled people and organisations has meant they are an excellent match for this work.

If you would like to learn more, go to the Long Covid Peer Support Group page of our website.

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