Love of sports sees Adnan enjoy his independence

A referral from his Occupational Therapist has opened up a new world of sports for Adnan.

Adnan has been working with staff member Kevin on Breakthrough’s Community Connecting service. His main aim was to get some time to himself to pursue hobbies and sports that interest him, and give him something to look forward to in the week.

After spending some time in hospital Adnan wanted to regain strength in his legs, and so he and Kevin worked together to find activities around this. He also wanted to go out for something to eat regularly.

Kevin said, “Adnan is a supporter of Manchester City so we looked for a football opportunity and found a walking football group that is physically less demanding. Adnan has picked up more rules each week and even scored a few goals, and he was made really welcome.”

A large part of the Connecting service is travel training, and Kevin and Adnan practised the bus routes a few times to build up confidence and safety skills.

Once the walking football was a regular success, Adnan joined the gym and began to use walking, rowing and cross training machines to build up his stamina.

Adnan said, “I‘m feeling good and I enjoy football and the gym, I have a good time.”

Breakthrough’s Connecting services are split into two areas – central and south Manchester, funded by Manchester City Council, and North Manchester including Middleton, which is funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

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