Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the rights, responsibilities, and respect of disabled people.

In 1997, we set up as a disabled people’s led organisation  in Manchester, paving the way towards a future where society does not see the impairment before the person. We aim to support disabled people to play a full, economically active role in society:

  • To enable and empower disabled people to be independent, to seek employment, and develop their careers.
  • To provide increased choice and control for disabled people by designing products and services that best meet disabled people’s requirements and preferences.
  • To promote the concept of Independent Living of disabled people in a diverse cultural context.
  • To be recognised as leading at local, national, and international levels at identifying and addressing barriers to disabled people’s participation in society.
  • To ensure the organisation demonstrates excellent practice through good governance, strong leadership, employer excellence and continuous improvement.
  • To have financial stability and health growth.

We aim to be the voice for disabled people. 

We are driving change.

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