Volunteering opportunities

Let’s Have a Good Week Activity Mentors

Let’s Have a Good Week is a community connecting project across Manchester, supporting disabled people to be active and participate in their local communities.

As an Activity Mentor you will be matched to a disabled person, and together try something new. This could be anything that interests the person you’re working with – currently clients are accessing cookery classes, community allotments, Tai Chi, boxing and maths classes plus much more.  You will support them seeking their choices and accessing the provision.

We don’t want clients to be limited to activities specifically for disabled people. We aim to open up a world of activities.

The purpose of this project is to increase independence and support first steps. Once the person you’ve been working with is ready to attend an activity without your support, we’ll match you with someone else.

Contact us via email at volunteering@breakthrough-uk.co.uk for more information