Wearing face masks and what to do if we are exempt

We must wear face masks now in certain places in public.

For the past few months we have been asked to wear face masks when travelling on public transport or if we have to go to a medical appointment in person. 

The rule was then extended to when we’re out shopping and other areas.

While it is important to wear a face mask to try and stop the spread of Covid 19, we know that some of us can’t wear a face mask for health reasons.

Who is exempt from face masks and coverings?

If you have an impairment or health condition that make wearing face masks difficult you don’t have to wear one.

Use this link to find out where we have been asked to wear a face mask or covering, and exemptions.



Useful resources if you are exempt from wearing a face mask or covering

We’re providing this letter and card to use if you want to have something with you when you’re in public places, and you are not wearing a mask.

Download the letter and card in Word through this link:


Other examples of exemption cards here:


If you are travelling around Greater Manchester, Transport for Greater Manchester has produced this exemption card you can also use.

Download the TfGM exemption card through this link.


If you live anywhere in Greater Manchester you can ask for support if you have been affected by Covid 19, from the Community Hub in your area.

Find out more through this link to our Community Hubs page:


Find out more about Covid 19 support in general through this link to our information page: