Breakthrough. The disabled people's organisation.

Running through the heart of Breakthrough is peer support – the idea that people with lived experience are the best people to give support to one another.

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We provide person-centred support for disabled people. This means we focus on the goals and barriers which each individual client identifies for themselves.

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We’re a Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre. This means we act as an alternative establishment to the police where incidents can be reported in safety and confidence.

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Breakthrough UK is managed by disabled people

We promote disabled people’s rights, responsibilities, choice and control

We work with disabled people across Greater Manchester to live independently

We work with organisations and policy makers to remove disabling barriers

We work with disabled people across Greater Manchester to access careers, information, healthcare and local activities

Sarah's story

“This will give me the experience I need for the job I want. Once I have done that I can apply for a job. When I tried to do this for myself, I couldn’t do it, but Breakthrough came up with the idea of volunteering that really helped me. This is a chance for me to move forward.”
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Breakthrough UK Client | Health Connections

A Letter from A

“I am confident that I am more employable, and will be an excellent addition to any organisation. I strongly believe that combining this digital skill, professional and
educational skills, has strengthened me to deliver anytime and
B for Breakthrough UK
Breakthrough UK Client | Pathways