Breakthrough. The disabled people's organisation.

Welcome to Breakthrough UK!

We are a Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO) based in Manchester.

We are managed by d/Deaf and disabled people.

We promote d/Deaf and disabled people’s rights, responsibilities, choice and control

We work with d/Deaf and disabled to help you access information in a way that works for you

We work with organisations system leaders and policy makers to remove disabling barriers

We work with d/Deaf and disabled people to make long–lasting change. 

Sarah's story

“This will give me the experience I need for the job I want. Once I have done that I can apply for a job. When I tried to do this for myself, I couldn’t do it, but Breakthrough came up with the idea of volunteering that really helped me. This is a chance for me to move forward.”
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Breakthrough UK Client | Health Connections

A Letter from A

“I am confident that I am more employable, and will be an excellent addition to any organisation. I strongly believe that combining this digital skill, professional and
educational skills, has strengthened me to deliver anytime and
B for Breakthrough UK
Breakthrough UK Client | Pathways