Our latest impact review is here. The review shares some of our best examples of the unique way in which we work collaboratively with disabled people.


Breakthrough UK is a Manchester based disabled people’s organisation. We are led by disabled people and we support other disabled people to work and live independently.

Wearing face masks and what to do if we are exempt

For Organisations

There are many ways you can get involved with Breakthrough UK.

Talk to us about Hate Crime or Harassment

We’re a Third Party Hate Crime Reporting Centre.
This means we act as an alternative establishment to the police where incidents can be reported in safety and confidence.

Volunteering at Breakthrough

Whether it’s working directly with clients or an office based activity, there are plenty of ways for you to volunteer with Breakthrough and learn new skills.

Find us

Breakthrough UK is a Manchester-based disabled people’s organisation. We are based at the Abraham Moss Centre in Crumpsall, North Manchester.